Polish sport newspapers

Polish newspapers have a big influence in the political and social life, because they have a great circulation and millions of readers every day. Polish sport newspapers write mainly about football, who is the most popular sport along with hockey and basketball. The most important polish football teams are Wisla Kracow and Legia Warszawa.

Gazeta Wyborcza: http://www.sport.pl/sport/0,0.html
Rzeczpospolita: http://www.rp.pl/temat/12.html
Dziennik Polski: http://www.dziennik.krakow.pl/public/?2007/10.28/Sport
Nasz Dziennik: http://www.naszdziennik.pl/index.php?typ=sp&dat=20071027&id=main
Trybuna: http://www.trybuna.com.pl/index.php?sel=sport
Zycie Warszawy: http://www.zw.com.pl/zw2/index.jsp?place=Menu02&news_cat_id=18&layout=1


You can also check out Krakow Post - Sports for Polish sports news in English.

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