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German sport newspapers

Divided by the Berlin Wall in free democratic press and communist press, German sport newspapers wrote differently about the extraordinary sport achievements of the two countries: German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demokratische Republik) and Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland). After the fall of the Berlin Wall, in 1990, Germany became one of the greatest nation sport ever had, and sport press couldn't be different.


Der Tagesspiegel

Hamburger Morgenpost


Rheinische Post

Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Romanian sport newspapers

The freedom of the press was won in Romania by the revolution in 1989. The sport press grew in quality and quantity, to 3 daily sport newspapers and other weekly sport newspapers and sport magazines. The websites of the sport newspapers are the most visited websites in Romania, having over 500.000 visitors per week.
Gazeta Sporturilor
Prosport Gandul Evenimentul zilei Libertatea Adevarul Cotidianul

American sport newspapers

Unlike European sport newspapers where football (soccer) is the main sport covered, the United States sport newspapers have a wide range of sports covered: american football, baseball, basketball, hockey, auto (Nascar). In the U.S.A. there are a few sport newspapers, but all important newspapers have sport pages whew you can read about the main sport events in the region. American sport newspapers sponsor many awards and competitions that are held on american ground.
Sports Illustrated
The Sporting News 
Sports Journal
National Speed Sport News
Soccer America
New York Times
Charlotte Observer
Huston Chronichle
Chicago Tribune
Los Angeles Times
Miami Herald
Washington Times
USA Today
Boston Globe
The Dallas Morning News:

Spanish sport newspapers

With a football championship that many say it is the best in the world, with great teams like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid who have fans from Japan to United States of America, with the greatest stadiums in the world, with stars who have huge salaries, football in Spain has passed from industry in 20th century to religion. That's why the sport press in Spain is mostly a football press divided between Madrid (Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid) and Catalunya (FC Barcelona and Espanyol Barcelona).

El Mundo Deportivo


Don Balon
Sport Super Deporte El Pais ABC El Correo Galego La Razon La Vanguardia

Italian sport newspapers

With a great tradition in many sports, Italian sport press is one of the best in the world. With a history of over 100 years, Italian sport newspapers covered all great competitions of modern times, and helped organize various sport events that took place on Italian ground. The best known sport newspaper in Italy is La Gazzetta dello Sport printed on pink paper which made it famous all over the world.

La Gazzetta dello Sport
Guerin Sportivo
Corriere dello Sport
Corriere della Sera
Il Giornale
La Stampa
La Repubblica

English sport newspapers

In a country with a great press tradition, sport newspapers haven't found a place on the market. Despite this, all important newspapers have sport pages which present all sport events of the day. In sport pages you will find everything about your favorite stars and teams: from scandals and spicy news about their private lives to transfers and results all over the world.
The Sun Daily Miror Daily Record Daily Star Daily Telegraph World soccer

French sport newspapers

French people are known as pioneers in the world of sport, because they have created the biggest sport events in the modern days: -Olympic Games - Pierre de Coubertin -Football World Cup - Jules Rimet -Uefa Champions League - Gabriel Hanot French journalists make no exception: Gabriel Hanot was a journalist for Miroir des Sports and L'equipe, while the prestigious trophy Golden Ball is awarded every year by France Football magazine. That's why the french sports newspapers are known as the bible of sports. L'equipe
France football
Le Figaro
Le Journal du Dimanche
Liberation Le Parisien

Sport newspapers

In the world of sports, the newspapers make the link between our favorite teams and players and their supporters. With a history of over 100 years, sport newspapers begun to conquer the internet world. From Italy to Argentina and from France to United States of America, on-line editions of sport newspapers have thousands of readers every day. In this blog you will find links to the most important sport newspapers in the world!