Nigerian sport newspapers

Nigerian press was one of the most outspoken and free from the African continent and contributed to the fight for the independence. In Nigeria are over 100 national, regional and local newspapers and they are written in English (the official language) and in other major spoken languages like are Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo and others. The Nigerian sport newspapers write about popular sports like football, basket, cricket, rugby and athletics.
The most important Nigerian sport newspapers are:
Complete Sports    
The Nation
The Guardian Nigeria
The Punch
The Vanguard
PM News
This Day
National Mirror
Nigerian Watch

Cypriot sport newspapers

Cyprus newspapers have a history of over 60 years, are written mainly in Greek, English and Turkish and sold in almost 100.000 copies every day. The Cyprus sport newspapers are also very popular and write about football, tennis, rugby or basketball.
The best known football clubs are Apoel Nicosia and Omonia Nicosia.

Swedish sport newspapers

The Swedish newspapers have first appeared at the end of the 19 century and the large majority are regional newspapers. The Swedish newspapers are written in Swedish or English and are morning or evening newspapers. The Swedish sport newspapers write about popular sports in Sweden like football, ice hockey, skiing and other winter sports.
The most important sport newspapers in Sweden are:

Indian sport newspapers

The Indian newspapers industry is one of the largest in the world with newspapers published in almost 20 languages like English, Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali and others. The Indian sport newspapers write about popular sports in India like cricket, football, field hockey, tennis and golf.
The Hindu

Russian sport newspapers

Russian press has over 100 years of history and tradition and a circulation of up to 3.000.000 copies each day for the best selling newspaper. Being one of the greatest nation in the world, the Russian sport newspapers have many subjects to cover and many sports to write about. The Russian/Soviet Union Olympic team has the second place in all time medal standings with 1122 medals (440 gold, 357 silver and 325 bronze). The most played sports in Russia are football, ice hockey, basketball, gymnastics, boxing, martial arts, volleyball, rugby, skiing and others. The most important Russian sport newspapers are:

Sport Express:
Moscow News:
Argumenti i Facty:
Kosmolonskaia Pravda:
Moskosvki Kosmolets:
Rossiskaia Gazeta:
The St. Petersburg Times:

Croatian sport newspapers

Published from 1940 or after 1990, the Croatian newspapers have a circulation of over 100.000 every day. Croation sport newspapers write about popular sports like football, handball, tennis, basketball and skiing. The best football teams in Croatia and that have an important coverage in croatian sport newspapers are Dinamo Zagreb and Hajduk Split.
Sportske novosti:

Scottish sport newspapers

Scottish newspapers one of the oldest English language published newspapers in the world. Scottish sport newspapers write mainly about sports that are played in the island like rugby, football, cricket and others. The best football teams in Scotland and that have an important coverage in scottish sport newspapers are Rangers F.C. and Celtic F.C.

Polish sport newspapers

Polish newspapers have a big influence in the political and social life, because they have a great circulation and millions of readers every day. Polish sport newspapers write mainly about football, who is the most popular sport along with hockey and basketball. The most important polish football teams are Wisla Kracow and Legia Warszawa.

Gazeta Wyborcza:,0.html
Dziennik Polski:
Nasz Dziennik:
Zycie Warszawy:

New Zealand sport newspapers

New Zealand newspapers have over one hundred years of history and have a daily circulation of 100.000 copies. New Zealand sport newspapers write about the local sport events in the region areas that are published. New Zealand sport newspapers write mainly about the popular sports of the country like rugby, cricket and soccer. The best known New Zealand sport team are the national rugby team known as "all blacks".

New Zealand Herald:

Hungarian sport newspapers

Hungarian newspapers have over 50 years of history and played an important role in the development of the country. Hungarian sport newspapers write about popular sports like football, athletics, swimming, cycling and others. The most important hungarian football teams are MTK Budapest, Debrecen VSC and Ujpest FC.
Magyar Nemzet: